30 Day Challenge: Alcohol Edition (Embracing Sobriety, Triumphing over Daily Drinking, & Conquering Alcoholism)

Saturday – Unemployed, Chasing My Dreams.. and Trying to Stay Alive

Fifth Attempt – Day 4 of My “30-Day Experiment”

8:32 AM

I woke up way before the roosters were even thinking about crowing. And to top it off, my head feels like it’s hosting a party for jackhammers. Not the most pleasant way to start the day, but hey, I’ll take it if it means I can actually get things done.

So, last night, I had this puzzling convo with Allan. I asked him what triggered his craving yesterday, and brace yourself for this one – it was doing the dishes! I mean, really? Who knew scrubbing plates could lead to a thirst for the hard stuff? He swears it’s because whenever I saw him being all domestic and washing loads of dishes, I’d treat him with liquor. Guess I should’ve handed out gold stars instead, huh?

Anyway, I’ve become the designated dishwasher now to avoid any kitchen-induced temptations. Oh, the things we do for love and sanity!

9:36 AM

So, since we didn’t go for our walk yesterday, we decided to hit the dirt today. A brisk walk to keep the cravings at bay, or so we hope. We even broke into a jog, and let me tell you, trying to outrun horse flies should be an Olympic sport. Eight minutes of pure hilarity, but hey, it lifted our moods and even managed to wave goodbye to my headache.

I’m still a bit of a couch potato, but I’m making a pact with myself to change that. Working out, even if it’s just 10 minutes here and there, has become my secret weapon against anxiety, cravings, depression, you name it.

Watch out, world, this gal’s getting in shape!

3:03 PM

Can we talk about this heat? It’s like the sun is playing hide-and-seek with us but secretly laughing its rays off. I need a nap to escape this oppressive weather.

Heat, 1. Me, 0.

5:30 PM

Alright, alright, the cravings were knocking at our doors around 4:50 PM, but Allan and I weren’t having any of it. We went on another quick walk to show those cravings who’s boss. The horse flies tried to join the party, but we shut it down after 10 minutes.

Victory! Cravings, 0. Us, 2.

7:23 PM

This evening, I found myself doing the dishes, to avoid triggering Allan’s craving. But you know what? It wasn’t half bad! I watched the TV show “Mom” (I got a free trial of Amazon Prime, I might as well use it!), and I got so absorbed in it that the dishes became a background task. It’s funny how a good show can make even the most mundane chores a breeze.

Allan went out to take care of some stuff around the camp, and it’s starting to look better and better every day! We’ve been making small improvements here and there, and the result is surprisingly satisfying. Seeing our environment tidier and cleaner has a positive impact on our moods. It’s like visual evidence that we’re gradually getting our lives together, and that sense of progress is truly uplifting.

Then, something amusing happened: Allan dusted off an old video game he used to love but hasn’t played in ages. It’s so strange how life sometimes brings back little joys from the past. There he was, all excited, lost in the virtual world, and I couldn’t help but smile seeing him genuinely happy and engaged with something he used to adore.

Now, here I am, back to work, trying to catch up since the scorching weather disrupted my productivity earlier. Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow and adjust to whatever life throws at you. But you know what? I’m grateful that I had that downtime earlier because now I feel more focused and ready to tackle my tasks.

9:32 PM

I’m in bed, watching videos on self-defense, particularly those tailored for short people. With all the changes happening around here, being prepared feels essential. Our community has undergone quite a shift, and now we have some wild youngsters running the show. Times sure do change.

I’m both physically and emotionally drained now. Time to catch some Z’s,
– That Anonymous Artist

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