8 Days, No Alcohol (Discovering Eight Full Days of Freedom from Drinking Booze)

Thursday – Work Day

First Attempt -Day 8 of My “30-Day No Alcohol Challenge”

4:49 AM

The day began with a stealthy wake-up. Allan (my boyfriend), blissfully unaware of my consciousness, headed off to the woodshed for his morning beer.

Meanwhile, I grabbed my trusty laptop and checked my bank account, only to be greeted by disappointment. Pay day had arrived, but the meager sum of $571.54 (CAD) left me feeling unfulfilled. I couldn’t help but ponder the injustice of working tirelessly, being away from home for 13 hours a day, 6 days a week for that amount of money. Meanwhile, many of my co-workers slacked off and missed days of work, only to receive the same pay raise as me this year.

It’s moments like these that make me seriously consider starting my own business to be paid what I truly deserve. But, it’s a challenging effort when work seems to consume my life.

3:04 PM

Uncertainty looms over me as I pondered whether I’ll have Saturday off for Canada Day (also Allan’s birthday). With the possibility of working late tomorrow night, Allan really wanting “birthday beer”, and everything closed on Saturday, I needed a plan.

So, I just texted Allan and proposed an idea: buying his birthday liquor tonight. That way, he can hopefully drink it while I’m at work tomorrow. See, doing this “30-day no-alcohol challenge” unveiled a newfound realization…

Little did I know that this would make me acutely aware of just how annoying drunk people can be, especially when you’re sober. Ah, the irony of our past actions coming back to haunt us!

6:03 PM

Finally, the end of the workday arrives!

I’m going to rush to pick up Allan, and together, we can first embark on the grand adventure of grocery shopping. After that, we’ll swing by the gas station for Allan’s tobacco and, of course, then we’ll go pick up his birthday beer from the liquor store.

Surprisingly, my cravings seemed to be on vacation today.

7:45 PM

This evening, a new indulgence seems to be taking hold of me: eating to my heart’s content.

For this week alone, I decided to cast aside my calorie-counting worries and give myself the freedom to enjoy culinary delights. Rich cheeses on artisanal bread and decadent cakes are replacing my drinking habit temporarily, and you know what?

I don’t care one bit.

Sometimes, it’s essential to cut ourselves some slack and focus on the larger goal—sobriety.

10:47 PM

The struggle to fall asleep is intensifying with every minute.

You see, earlier in the day, Allan bought a new soda from the gas station, unknowingly laden with copious amounts of caffeine. I drank a lot of it because it was delicious! So, while he’s snoring away peacefully because caffeine doesn’t seem to affect him, I’m tossing and turning, wide awake.

Lesson learned: always check the caffeine content before gulping down a fizzy beverage before bedtime.

Good night… hopefully,
That Anonymous Artist

Supplementary Info: 8 Days No Alcohol

If you’ve made the decision to embark on an 8-day journey without alcohol, congratulations! Cutting out alcoholic beverages from your life, even for a short period, can bring about numerous benefits to your health and overall well-being. During this period, you may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can include anxiety, shakes, and physical pain. However, rest assured that these symptoms are temporary and will improve over time.

Quitting drinking alcohol for eight days allows your body and brain to undergo a mini-detox. Excessive alcohol consumption can take a toll on your liver and impact the levels of various chemicals in your brain. By abstaining from alcohol, you give your liver a break and allow it to recover. Additionally, your brain chemistry gradually returns to a more balanced state, and you may notice an improvement in your mood and cognitive function.

For those who have been having a few drinks per day for several years, the first few days without alcohol may be particularly challenging. It’s hard to break the habit, and your body may crave the usual routine of having a drink. However, staying determined and reminding yourself of the benefits can make the process easier. Remember that you’re not alone—many people have successfully gone through this experience and emerged better for it.

During these eight alcohol-free days, you might discover a renewed sense of clarity and energy. Without the influence of alcohol, your sleep quality may improve, and you’ll likely wake up feeling more refreshed. Moreover, you may find that you have more time and motivation to engage in activities that bring you joy or contribute to your personal growth. By replacing alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic alternatives, you can still enjoy the social aspect of gatherings without compromising your commitment.

While the effects of quitting alcohol for just eight days may not be as pronounced as those experienced by individuals who abstain for longer periods, this short break is a step in the right direction. It can help you evaluate the role of alcohol in your life and determine whether you want to make further changes. Remember, every step counts, and taking this time to understand the relationship between your health, well-being, and alcohol consumption is valuable.