How To Apply Redbubble Stickers: Plus a Quick Look at Where You Can Put Redbubble Stickers (Like Water Bottles & Cars) & If These Stickers Come Off Easily

How To Apply Redbubble Stickers the Right Way

Applying Redbubble stickers is easier than applying most other stickers I’ve ever bought before.

The most difficult part about applying Redbubble stickers (and it’s really not difficult at all) is to make sure that the surface you’re going to put the sticker on isn’t cloth or a textured surface (like textured wood or stucco wall).

So, after you’ve found a smooth, hard surface like metal, wood, plastic, or glass, the only thing you have to do is make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Then, just simply take off the backing of the Redbubble sticker and apply!

That’s it! It’s that easy!

And don’t worry, if you need to remove the sticker and reapply it again it’s totally doable. Redbubble stickers are reusable!

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i love my stickers!! i put them on my computer case! they make it more personalized. i had to move my squirrel sticker after i placed it wrong and it’s still sticking to this day!! i recommend buying stickers from red bubble!!

Brianna on Sep 9, 2021 [RES]

I had to un-stick the sticker after getting it in the wrong place. It stood up to being removed and reapplied… which is nice!

Alan V. on Feb 6, 2020 [RES]

Do Redbubble Stickers Peel Off?

Redbubble stickers usually only peel off if you are actively trying to peel them off. They won’t just randomly fall off.

But if you do want to peel Redbubble stickers off, it’s definitely possible without much difficulty…

… on most surfaces.

If you stick your Redbubble Stickers on a smooth, clean surface, then you don’t have to worry about your ruining your stickers or leaving any sticky residue behind.

They all came on time and were really well done. They stick really well but you can also move them if you change your mind.

Celeste S. on Dec 28, 2019 [RES]

They are amazing! … I was impressed by the quality of them. They seem very durable. I have had one sticker on the front of my planner for a month and it is still sticking. My daughter has also been using a couple and regularly moves their position from computer to tablet to window and they are still sticking. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Amy G. on Aug 17, 2019 [RES]

The style is beautiful. The quality is perfect. It’s easy to remove from certain surfaces.

Katja V. on Feb 23, 2021 [RES]

If you stick your stickers on something like paper or any kind of porous surface, you’ll most likely be able to peel the sticker off without much difficulty if you remove it soon after you applied it.

Porous surfaces, like paper, have very small spaces or holes through which liquid or air may pass. These spaces or holes can be so small that you can’t see them without a microscope.

I find that, over time, stickers are harder and harder to peel off from porous surfaces without ruining the sticker and the surface itself. So, stick to untextured metal, wood, plastic, and glass.

Usually, all you have to do to remove a Redbubble sticker is to slowly start at one corner of the sticker and gently peel it off.

That’s it. Really!

If you want to save the stickers for later use, you can stick them on parchment paper (Amazon) or a sticker collecting album (Amazon).

I absolutely LOVE the designs of these stickers. I ordered 4 different stickers from this artist, and they were just as fantastic as they looked on the screen. The sticker itself has good stick-on quality and doesn’t leave marks when I peel it off.

Lindsay P. on Feb 24, 2021 [RES]

the images on the stickers were great quality, stuck well but could be removed and adjusted if need be. loved them

Lauren H. on Aug 4, 2019 [RES]

For more information on how to remove Redbubble stickers, check out my post: Do Redbubble Stickers Come Off Easily?

What Can You Put Redbubble Stickers On?

You can put your redbubble stickers on cars (bumpers, windows), laptops, tablets, hydro flasks (Amazon), phone cases, sticker collecting albums (Amazon), notebooks, helmets, guitar cases, fridges (although Redbubble’s die-cut magnets might be a better option), skateboards, snowboards, and more!

Just remember to stick to clean, dry, and smooth surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, or glass.

really good quality renderings. I put them on my guitar cases. exactly what I wanted.

greg l. on Apr 12, 2021 [RES]

The stickers are fabulous. I have ordered all different types of them from the glossy, matte and transparent. The matte stickers are my favorite. They are all thick and long lasting. I have used them on the back of my phone and the sticker/art lasted years before I decided to change it out. I love buying extra to give as gifts.

Colleen on Apr 5, 2021 [RES]

High quality stickers that I received. Beautiful detail which made my heart happy to place them on my laptop. Will definitely be buying more stickers from here in the future :)

Iona M. on Apr 24, 2021 [RES]

I loved the stickers I ordered – I order these every year to use [for] my child’s school books. came in a timely fashion. Will for sure be ordering from Redbuble again : )

Caroline on Mar 11, 2021 [RES]

This sticker is amazing!! It fits so beautifully on my wall and the transparent sticker makes it look like it’s painted on! Came quickly, safely, and exactly as described. Would definitely buy again!

Lizbeth R. on Jan 22, 2021 [RES]

Do Redbubble Stickers Really Stay on Water Bottles & Cars?

Yes, your Redbubble stickers will definitely stay on water bottles and cars. Redbubble stickers are made from water-resistant vinyl so they get gently washed or rained on without ruining them.

Love the stickers. They’re up on my car… are easy to apply and durable. Recommended!

Nancy B. on May 18, 2021 [RES]

I ordered a sticker and the quality is amazing. Great product. I stuck it to my water bottle and it has not come off, even though I wash it (hand wash).

Becca B. on Jun 17, 2021 [RES]

I personally love to put stickers on my hydro flask and car. They haven’t fallen off or budged once in over 7 months!

These stickers won’t smudge or unstick if you put water or oil on them. On the other hand, other kinds of paper stickers will get damaged if you put any kind of liquid on them.

When it comes to durability, Redbubble stickers are a great choice. Vinyl stickers last longer, look better, and stick to different surfaces better than most other kinds of stickers.

All my stickers looked great. Colors were clear not faded. Have been lasting well on things that get wet/washed frequently.

Laina O. on Jan 19, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble stickers are fantastic!.. The sticker designs are awesome and the quality is top notch. You can put bottles/tumblers in the dish washer too and the stickers stay put! Love them!

Kimberly on Aug 12, 2021 [RES]

I love everything I’ve gotten from this site. They all look and stick great, and the quality is unparalleled for the price. It’s especially satisfying because my designs look and hold up great on both my laptop and car. 10/10, definitely would order again.

Sam M. on Mar 25, 2021 [RES]

For more information about how durable Redbubble stickers are against water, check out my posts below:

So go ahead and find Redbubble stickers that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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