Are Redbubble Stickers Removable?

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If you’re wondering if Redbubble stickers are removable, the quick answer is “yes”.

Redbubble stickers can definitely come off MOST materials without much difficulty.

But there are a few things you know before you start sticking your Redbubble stickers, especially if you want to reuse them later on.

So keep reading!

Good quality and restickable

AuBrynn on Jan 10, 2020 [RES]

Are All Redbubble Stickers Removable?

All Redbubble Stickers, whether they be the original matte stickers or the new transparent and glossy stickers, will come off in one piece.

Will Redbubble Stickers Damage My Things?

The real question is how much damage will be done to the materials you put your stickers on.

If you stick your Redbubble Stickers on a hard, smooth, CLEAN surface, then you don’t have to worry about peeling off your stickers and ruining it or leaving any sticky residue behind.

Great surfaces to stick your Redbubble stickers are hydro flasks/water bottles, laptops, binders, phone cases, cars, fridges, and mirrors. You can even peel the stickers and re-stick the stickers on something else!

If you stick your stickers on something like paper and matte painted walls*, you’ll most likely be able to peel the sticker off without much difficulty if you peel it soon after you applied it. But I find that, over time, stickers are harder and harder to peel off from materials such a paper.

* I stuck several stickers on a wall painted with latex paint (which I let dry for 3 weeks) and I was able to peel off the stickers without any difficulty 7 months later. There was no damage to the wall and the back of the stickers were still sticky!

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Great quality sticker

I had to un-stick the sticker after getting it in the wrong place. It stood up to being removed and reapplied… which is nice!

Alan V. on Feb 6, 2020 [RES]

How to Remove Redbubble Stickers

Wondering how to get Redbubble stickers off your favorite things?

Usually, all you have to do to remove a Redbubble sticker is simply and SLOWLY start at one corner of the sticker and gently peel it off.

They peel off in one piece and you can restick them to something else or stick them to parchment paper (Amazon) for later use.

But what happens if your sticker is REALLY stuck on the surface?

Don’t panic! Here’s a trick to remove your Redbubble stickers.

Just use a hairdryer!

A little heat from a hairdryer can help the stickers’ glue from the surface. Just be careful to not overheat the stickers too much or you may damage the wall or whatever surface you stuck your stickers to.

Patience is key here. SLOWLY heat a sticker at one corner and then try to peel it from that same corner. If it doesn’t peel off, heat the sticker a little more and try to peel it off again.

Once you have peeled off the corner of a sticker, you can usually just keep peeling it off with no added heat.

For stickers that are VERY stuck on a surface, you might need to use a steamer (Amazon) instead of a hairdryer. But these cases are rare. Just steam one of the corners of the sticker, and try to peel it off from that same corner.

the images on the stickers were great quality, stuck well but could be removed and adjusted if need be. loved them

Lauren H. on Aug 4, 2019 [RES]

Are Redbubble Laptop Skins Removable?

Redbubble’s laptop skins are another way to show the world just how cool you are. They’re big, glossy, form-fitting vinyl stickers that give your laptop a unique look while saving it from small scratches.

These stickers are the same quality and as easily removable as regular Redbubble stickers.

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I’m getting so many compliments every time I have it out. It’s staying in place, yet easy enough if you want to remove it. Definitely if you like it, get it!

Felicia on Jun 30, 2019 [RES]

So go ahead and find Redbubble stickers that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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