Are Redbubble Stickers Waterproof?

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The short answer to the question “Are Redbubble Stickers Waterproof?” is “Yes and no”.

Phew! Aren’t you glad you came to read this article? lol. Just kidding.

In this post, I’m going to look at whether or not Redbubble stickers can get wet, if Redbubble stickers are considered 100% waterproof, and if all types of Redbubble stickers (the original matte stickers, and the new transparent and glossy stickers) are all equally resistant to water.

So keep reading!

The stickers are always great quality and hold up pretty well on my water bottles.

Tandle on Dec 21, 2019 [RES]

I ordered a glossy sticker for my girlfriend and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sticker. The size of the sticker matched the description perfectly. Application was easy and the sticker is holding up, with regular water dunking and splashes. very well!

Arshad I. on Aug 29, 2019 [RES]

Can Redbubble Stickers Get Wet?

Yes, your Redbubble stickers can definitely get wet. They’re made from water-resistant vinyl.

These stickers won’t smudge or unstick if you put water or oil on them. On the other hand, other kinds of paper stickers will get damaged if you put any kind of liquid on them.

When it comes to durability, Redbubble stickers are a good choice. Vinyl stickers last longer, look better and stick to different surfaces better than most other kinds of stickers.

But does this mean Redbubble stickers are 100% waterproof? Let’s find out.

I absolutely love REDBUBBLE it is awesome and convienent! They have everything! The sticker quality is amazing and even though they got wet they stick perfect!

Emma F. on Feb 10, 2020 [RES]

The stickers are such great quality and they stick on very smoothly. I have had them on my water bottle for a while now and I find that they don’t budge when wet, which is fantastic…

Erin S. on Mar 2, 2020 [RES]

Are Redbubble Stickers 100% Waterproof?

Redbubble stickers are not considered 100% waterproof, but they’re definitely water-resistant.

What’s the difference?

Waterproof means that the stickers are unaffected by water, no matter how much time they spend in the water.

This means that all parts of the stickers including the sticky part (adhesives) and inks have to be able to survive underwater for a long period of time.

So basically, a waterproof sticker will still look great and stick even when it’s underwater, for at least a few years.

On the other hand, water-resistance means you’re stickers will resist most of the absorption of water, but not entirely.

Unfortunately, water-resistant stickers will eventually be ruined by water, which doesn’t make them the best choice if you want your stickers to constantly be in contact with water or moisture.

Vinyl, what Redbubble stickers are made of, is one of the most common materials for water-resistant stickers.

From my own personal experience, I assume that Redbubble also uses water-resistant adhesives (glue) and inks for their stickers since they don’t unstick or smudge even after a lot of contact with water.

I’ve had 4 stickers on a hydro flask for 18 months, and I’m constantly hand-washing it with dish soap and water. And you know what? They still look as good as new!

I’ve also recently put a transparent sticker on the back window of my car, and it still really stuck on there. The only thing is I think the sun will do more damage to the sticker than the rain. The colors don’t seem as vibrant.

But that’s OK!

If my sticker fades to the point where it doesn’t look good, I’ll just replace them with another one! Vinyl stickers are easy to peel in one piece without leaving behind residue.

Sticker is awesome! The image is true to what was pictured on the site. Perfect for my car window to be displayed. I was so impressed with the quality of the transparent sticker I just purchased a few more for my snowboard.

Thomas K. on Dec 20, 2019 [RES]

Are All Redbubble Stickers Water-Resistant?

Yes. All Redbubble Stickers are made from water-resistant vinyl. This means that the original Redbubble stickers, now called matte stickers, and their new glossy and transparent stickers are all water-resistant and super durable.

Stickers are one of the best ways to personalize your things. So go ahead, buy stickers that uniquely express who you are, all while supporting independent artists!

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Glossy sticker looks great and is good at not washing of when my water bottle is washed

Iliana K. on Jan 14, 2020 [RES]

I love how they look and they look so fun and exciting on my cup! Great quality! Also, if they get wet just rinse them off and let them air dry and they will be sticky again when dry!

Kelsey J. on Jan 25, 2020 [RES]

So go ahead and find Redbubble stickers that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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