Can Redbubble Stickers Go on Cars? (A Look At Redbubble’s Water-Resistant, Vinyl Stickers on Vehicles & Windows)

Can Redbubble Stickers Go on Cars? (Sticker vs Vehicle)

The simple answer is: Yes! Redbubble stickers can go on cars!

But there are a few things you should know before putting your favorite stickers on your vehicle. So keep reading!

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Love them they’re good quality and look awesome on my car and are at a fare price as well I also like how there’s such a variety of different stickers.

Jake on Jan 7, 2021 [RES]

What Kind of Redbubble Stickers Can Go on a Car? (Car vs Sticker Type)

No matter if they’re Redbubble’s original matte stickers, or their NEW transparent or glossy stickers, all Redbubble sticker types stick very well to cars.

I put 2 glossy stickers and 1 small transparent sticker on the back of my car window, and they’re still really stuck on there and look great after 7 months.

I’ve also read online that some people put them on their cars for years, and they claim they still look great, with no peeling.

I love everything I’ve gotten from this site. They all look and stick great, and the quality is unparalleled for the price. It’s especially satisfying because my designs look and hold up great on both my laptop and car. 10/10, definitely would order again.

Sam M. on Mar 25, 2021 [RES]

But if you have very cold winters where you live, or you want to power wash your car, you might see your stickers lose their stickiness and fall off.

As always redbubble delivers fast and the print quality is great! However I was under the naive impression that the sticker would look nicely on my car’s rear window. After applying it, I figured the car could use a wash. Unfortunately the sticker did not survive that. One blast from the powerwasher and the sticker was history. I’m not saying the product is bad, I have redbubble stickers all over my stuff (laptops, folders,..) but the adhesive is definitely not meant to be in a high force environment like the outside of a car. Shame, I really liked the design!

Ulrich on Dec 12, 2019 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers vs Car Window

The stickers’ adhesive (the glue) will also allow you to successfully stick these on your car windows, even with a lot of condensation.

I typically prefer transparent stickers for windows, except if the design is only text. I find words are harder to read without white borders unless the text is placed on top of a white or colored background. In this case, I prefer the glossy stickers (the matte stickers are best if you want a vintage look).

I also prefer glossy stickers if the design has a lot of small details in it and you really need a white background to make the design’s colors stand out.

I put them on my car and like since it’s transparent it’s goes great with the paint it matches I only wish they had this option back in the day so all my stickers would go with the paint of my car!

Elvis l. on Aug 19, 2020 [RES]

Color was good and design was great. It is transparent like it should have been but didn’t show up on my truck window like i pictured it would.

Kristina O. on Mar 11, 2021 [RES]

Please Note: For legal purposes, I’m giving you this warning (although I know you already know this)… If you put stickers on your windows, make sure they’re small and it doesn’t block your vision. Safety first!

Redbubble Stickers on Car: Vinyl vs Water (How Well Do They Survive Against Weather?)

Will Redbubble’s stickers hold up well against the rain?

Your Redbubble stickers can definitely withstand the rain because they’re made of water-resistant vinyl.

These stickers won’t smudge or unstick if you put water or oil on them. On the other hand, other kinds of paper stickers will get damaged if you put any kind of liquid on them.

When it comes to durability, Redbubble stickers are a good choice.

Vinyl stickers last longer, look better, and stick to different surfaces better than most other kinds of stickers.

Love the stickers. They’re up on my car… and are easy to apply and durable. Recommended!

Nancy B. on May 18, 2021 [RES]

Sticker is awesome! The image is true to what was pictured on the site. Perfect for my car window to be displayed. I was so impressed with the quality of the transparent sticker I just purchased a few more for my snowboard.

Thomas K. on Dec 20, 2019 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers on Car: Vinyl vs Fading

Will Redbubble’s stickers hold up well to sunlight?

From my experience, I find the sun will do more damage to the sticker than water.

The colors won’t seem as vibrant after a full summer season. Although my stickers still look really good after they stayed in the hot summer sun for two months.

well the sticker is on my car’s rear windsheild. and it works fine, the color remains the [same, and] the sticker isnt going anywhere. so, so far so good

Noel P. on May 21, 2020 [RES]

Overview: Can I Put Redbubble Stickers on My Car?

Would I recommend my friends to stick Redbubble on their cars?

Yes! Definitely!

Redbubble stickers are very water-resistant and durable.

As for fading, it will take a long time for your stickers’ colors and designs to fade. Chances are you’ll want to change your stickers before they fade.

If you decide you don’t want your stickers on your car anymore, just peel them off. They won’t leave residue behind and the stickers are reusable! So just stick it on something else, like your laptop, water bottle, or a sticker collecting album (Amazon) so you can use your stickers again later.

Perfect stickers. Perfect packaging and exactly what I was looking for. These are perfect in every way! These will look amazing on my car! [RES]

Angela on Jan 3, 2021

I bought an assortment of stickers for my work luchbox. My jobsite isn’t cupcakes and rainbows, but so far all the badass Redbubble stickers that perfectly express my personality continue to do so as brightly and vibrantly as the day they were applied. I put two on my car and they are holding up just as well. 10/10 would recommend.

Lisa B. on Aug 19, 2019 [RES]

So go ahead and find Redbubble stickers that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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