Do You Put Stickers on Your Laptop Upside-Down or Right-Side Up? (Here’s What You Should Do!)

Which Way Do You Put Stickers on a Laptop?

When it comes to stickers on laptops, people tend to have different opinions. Some people think that the stickers should be placed upside-down, while others believe that they should be placed right-side up.

Although there is no correct answer, after asking many people (co-workers, friends, family, Facebook/Twitter strangers) how they would place stickers on a laptop.

Here’s the clear winner…

Most People Would Place Their Stickers Upside-Down

If you want to do what the vast majority of people would do, then you want to place your stickers upside-down.

Let me explain…

If you look at laptops that have a logo on the outer part of the top panel (the top lid), you’ll see the logo is always right-side-up when the laptop is open. It never shows upside-down.

For example, pretend you’re looking at an open MacBook and you’re typing away or reading something cool online. Now, close the laptop and look at the logo. For you, the Apple logo is now upside-down. But, as you open the laptop again, the Apple logo is upright for others to see.

If you’re like most people, you’ll want the same principle (the upside-down logo) to apply to your stickers.

When most people close the lid of their laptop, they’d prefer to see their stickers upside-down. In other words, they want the stickers to be upright (face the right way) when the lid of their laptop is open. So, as they’re working, studying, playing video games, or doing whatever they do on their laptop, those around them can look at their cool stickers.

Having your stickers upright for others to see is especially important if you have stickers with words/quotes that people can read when you’re using your laptop.

A Reason for Placing Stickers Right-Side Up

The majority of people see their stickers upside down when they close their laptops. But should you place them right-side up? It may seem like a silly question, but there’s actually a good reason to do so.

The reason?

Let’s pretend you just studied your brains out for an exam, or you just worked 10+ hours today on your laptop and it was a hard, stressful day… you’re exhausted.

And then you close your laptop and you can see all your stickers, right-side up for you to enjoy. You get to see stickers that inspire you and stickers that remind you of your friends, family, cute pets, vacations, and other things you love. If seeing your stickers at the end of the day brings you happiness, then you put your stickers right-side up for you to enjoy.

Conclusion: Should You Put Stickers on Your Laptop Upside-Down?

There is no correct answer to this question. It’s entirely up to the individual person and what they prefer.

Some people like to put their stickers right-side up so that they can see them and enjoy them when they close their laptops. Others prefer to put them upside-down so that others can enjoy the stickers while their laptop is open.

No matter which way you choose to put your stickers on your laptop, there is no wrong way to do it. It is all a matter of personal preference.

Life is short. So go ahead and make your laptop your own by putting stickers on it however you want!