Do You Put Stickers on Your Laptop Upside Down?

If you look at laptops that have a logo on the outer part of the top panel (the top lid), you’ll see the logo is always right-side-up when the laptop is open. It never shows upside down.

For example, pretend you’re looking at an open MacBook. Now, close the laptop and look at the logo. The Apple logo is upside down. But, as you open the laptop again, the Apple logo is upright for others to see.

The same principle applies to stickers.

When you close the lid of your laptop, you definitely want your stickers to be upside down. In other words, you want the stickers to be upright (face the right way) when the lid of your laptop is open. So, as you’re working, studying, playing video games, or doing whatever you do on your laptop, those around you can look at your cool stickers.

Having your stickers upright for others to see is especially important if you have stickers with words/quotes that people can read when you’re using your laptop.