Matte vs Glossy Stickers (What Are the Differences Between Them & How Do You Choose Between a Glossy or Matte Finish for Stickers, Labels, & Stickers?)

What Is the Difference Between Glossy and Matte Sticker Paper?


The first difference between glossy and matte stickers is in the finish.

Matte stickers are not as reflective as glossy stickers. They have a dull finish that gives them a flat look. Matte stickers are perfect for a design that needs to be subtle or have a low-key appearance.

Since matte stickers have very little glare, it also makes them a great choice for a vintage, sophisticated, or professional-looking sticker, label, or decal.

On the other hand, glossy stickers are very reflective and have an extra polished surface. They’re suited for full-color designs. Plus, they add a fun and playful element to your stickers!

Glossy stickers also have a very smooth feel to them. The smoothness of the sticker comes from the fact that it is coated with a layer of varnish. This varnish coating gives the sticker that nice gloss.

Color Saturation

Matte stickers have less color saturation than glossy stickers. This is because the matte finish absorbs some of the light that would otherwise reflect off the sticker and make it appear brighter. The result is a more muted look for the matte sticker.

A glossy sticker looks very vibrant and has a lot of color saturation. The colors are usually very bold and bright, and they stand out against the background. Glossy stickers are best used for a photo or artwork with bright colors or patterns.


Depending on the shop you’re buying stickers from, glossy stickers can cost a bit more than matte stickers.

When I’m buying aesthetic stickers for my own personal use, there’s usually a 25¢ to 80¢ difference between the matte and glossy finish. For one sticker, this price difference isn’t that much at all. However, if you’re going to buy a lot of stickers then 80¢ can start to add up.

Are Matte or Glossy Stickers Better?

Each has its own benefits. Here’s a look at the advantages of each type of sticker to help you decide which is right for you.

Advantages of Matte Stickers:

  • Matte stickers are less reflective than glossy stickers, which makes them easy to read in different lighting conditions.
  • They don’t shine like glossy stickers, so they don’t draw attention to themselves as much.
  • Matte stickers can be printed on a wider variety of materials than glossy stickers can.
  • They are also less likely to show fingerprints or smudges, which can be important for businesses that want their products to look well-maintained.

Advantages of Glossy Stickers:

  • Glossy stickers are more vibrant and eye-catching than matte stickers. They appear bright, giving them high color accuracy and contrast (black is visibly darker and white is visibly brighter in glossy stickers).
  • Glossy stickers have a shiny finish that can create a more fun and contemporary look than matte stickers.
  • Glossy stickers and decals on the market tend to be more water-resistant or waterproof compared to matte stickers. This is especially true if the glossy stickers are made with a vinyl material compared to a matte paper material. However, some matte stickers and decals can also offer durable water-resistant or waterproof options.
  • When you are choosing stickers as a gift for kids or teenagers, glossy stickers tend to be the better option overall (unless they prefer a natural or classy look).

Keep in mind that glossy stickers can be difficult to write on and may require special inks. In my experience, gel pens usually work fine.

Overview: What Type of Sticker Is Best?

Matte stickers have a non-reflective finish and are often used for business applications. They’re easy to write on, making them good for custom labels and name tags. Matte stickers also have a more sophisticated and softer look than glossy stickers.

Glossy stickers are just the opposite of matte stickers – they have a shiny, reflective finish. Glossy stickers also tend to be more fun, colorful, and eye-catching compared to matte stickers.

So, which type of sticker is best?

It really depends on what you are looking for in a sticker. If you want something that will give your product a fun look with colors that pop, then go for a super glossy sticker. If you want something that is more subtle and subdued, then go with a matte sticker.

It all comes down to personal preference and the results you’re looking for!