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Matte or Glossy Stickers for Hydro Flask

Matte or Glossy Stickers for Hydro Flask? Which Is Better?

Whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish on your Hydro Flask stickers, there are a few factors to consider.

Let’s look at the benefits of both types of stickers.

Benefits of Matte Stickers on Hydro Flasks

There are many different types of stickers to choose from, but matte stickers are one of the best options for Hydro Flasks.

Matte stickers feature very little glare, which makes them a great choice for a vintage, sophisticated, or professional look.

Matte stickers are typically extremely durable, which makes them an excellent choice for Hydro Flasks. They also don’t show any fingerprints or scratches.

Generally, they will not leave any residue behind when removed from the Hydro Flask like glossy stickers can do, and they are less likely to peel off and fade than glossy stickers.

Benefits of Glossy Stickers on Hydro Flasks

There are many benefits of using glossy stickers on Hydro Flasks.

Glossy stickers help to protect your Hydro Flask from scratches and dings, which can occur over time with regular use.

They also make it easier to clean your Hydro Flask, since any dirt or residue can be easily wiped off.

Glossy stickers also appear bright, giving them high color accuracy and contrast. This finish is suited for full-color stickers, for which the colors need to “pop”.

If you’re looking for a fun and contemporary look, then glossy stickers are definitely for you.

What Stickers Can Go on a Hydro Flask or Water Bottle?

Whether you pick matte or glossy stickers, vinyl stickers are the best type of stickers for hydro flasks since they’re water-resistant and durable.

I really recommend Redbubble and Society6 stickers for your Hydro Flasks.

These stickers are made from durable vinyl, they’re so colorful and fun, and they add a lot of personality to whatever I stick them on!

The quality of both matte and glossy stickers is great, too. Both types of stickers haven’t peeled or faded at all, even after being stuck on my hydro flasks for a while. Just make sure you handwash your hydro flask or water bottle to make sure your stickers keep looking brand new.

I would highly recommend Redbubble and Society6 stickers to anyone!

Conclusion: Should I Get Glossy or Matte Stickers?

If your sticker includes a lot of colors, go with glossy vinyl stickers for your hydro flask.

On the other hand, matte-finished stickers have a soft satin appearance with a very low sheen. It’s ideal for stickers that have a photo image or a lot of details. This finish minimizes glare, so your stickers complement any hydro flask perfectly, especially if you’re looking for that vintage look.

Personally, I think both are good, but I think glossier stickers are a bit better for any type of water bottle. It makes the colors stand out more and the stickers look more fun. This is probably why glossy stickers (and glossy/transparent stickers) from Redbubble are trending right now with teens and young adults.

There is a debate about using matte or glossy stickers for Hydro Flasks. Matte stickers are not as reflective as glossy stickers, and they can hide scratches and blemishes on the Hydro Flask better. However, glossy stickers are more aesthetically pleasing, making the Hydro Flask look more polished. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of sticker they prefer.

Just make sure the stickers are made from high-quality, durable, water-resistant vinyl. I highly recommend stickers from Redbubble and Society6 for all types of water bottles.

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