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Redbubble Stickers Review: Are They Good Quality & Worth the Price? (Includes a Review of the Print Quality & Vinyl Quality of Matte, Glossy, & Transparent Stickers)

Redbubble Stickers Review (Are They Good Quality & Worth the Price?)

If you’re looking for unique, good-quality stickers designed by independent artists, then you’re in the right place!

Since Redbubble stickers are getting increasingly popular every year, I thought I would write a post summarizing 438 customer reviews[RES] regarding Redbubble’s stickers.

Plus, I’ve bought over a hundred Redbubble stickers in the past, so I’ll be chiming in with my own personal experience with them.

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From the quality of the printed designs to the quality of the vinyl they’re made from, everything you need to know about Redbubble’s stickers is right here!

Please Note: This review goes for all types of Redbubble stickers (matte, glossy, and transparent).

Superb product, looks amazing, sent really quickly and the only bad thing is that once I start looking on the site I want to order more and more!

Shelley S. on Mar 25, 2021 [RES]

Amazing quality, material, cut, and service! I’m so glad I chose to purchase from this company and these shops! I’d seriously recommend them! The only thing I’d change is sticker size! I’d love to see even smaller options!

Emily P. on Aug 25, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers vs Print Quality of Art/Designs

Overall, from the customer reviews I read, people raved about how Redbubble’s stickers had sharp, colorful printed designs.

This sticker is amazing!! It fits so beautifully on my wall and the transparent sticker makes it look like it’s painted on! Came quickly, safely, and exactly as described. Would definitely buy again!

Lizbeth R. on Jan 22, 2021 [RES]

The colors are super vibrant and the stickers display the artwork very well with minimal fading. I actually found that the stickers I bought looked as good or better than the product images on the website.

Please Note: In my opinion, the colors of the matte stickers do look a little more vintage than the more vibrant colors of the glossy and transparent stickers.

The stickers are fabulous. I have ordered all different types of them from the glossy, matte and transparent. The matte stickers are my favorite. They are all thick and long lasting. I have used them on the back of my phone and the sticker/art lasted years before I decided to change it out. I love buying extra to give as gifts.

Colleen on Apr 5, 2021 [RES]

I absolutely LOVE the designs of these stickers. I ordered 4 different stickers from this artist, and they were just as fantastic as they looked on the screen. The sticker itself has good stick-on quality and doesn’t leave marks when I peel it off.

Lindsay P. on Feb 24, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers vs Independent Artists & Blurry Designs

Although super rare, there are some instances where you might get a sticker with an image that isn’t as sharp as it should be. This is probably because an artist uploaded a low-quality image to This can make the sticker’s design look a bit blurry or pixelated.

If this problem happens to you, don’t panic!

Redbubble is well known for making sure its customers are 100% happy with their shopping experience. Just let them know about any issue you have and I know, from experience, that they’ll make it right (hassle-free).

Great stickers and very responsive customer service!

Elizabeth on Jul 2, 2021 [RES]

Love them! Nice thick paper so they are strong. Good quality. Great colors, look just like they’re supposed to!

Laura M. on Mar 12, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers vs Quality of Vinyl Material

Redbubble stickers are made from high-quality, extremely durable vinyl.

I’ve had eleven of them on my laptop for almost two years and they still haven’t faded or peeled off at all (and I use my laptop constantly).

High quality stickers that I received. Beautiful detail which made my heart happy to place them on my laptop. Will definitely be buying more stickers from here in the future

Iona M. on Apr 24, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers vs Water Bottles

But whether or not all Redbubble stickers are 100% waterproof is debatable. But can they get wet? Definitely! They’re positively water-resistant.

The Redbubble stickers on my water bottle look just like the first day I’ve got them. They stick extremely well on surfaces with condensation and you can hand-wash them without ruining your stickers.

I ordered a sticker and the quality is amazing. Great product. I stuck it to my water bottle and it has not come off, even though I wash it (hand wash).

Becca B. on Jun 17, 2021 [RES]

I ordered stickers from Redbubble and from another company. Redbubble’s stickers actually stick to our water bottles and don’t come off when I [wash] the bottles. We weren’t so lucky with the other company. It’s a good product and my kids loved the images.

Amy C. on Oct 26, 2020 [RES]

Once, I put a sticker completely underwater for 30 minutes and it still didn’t destroy it at all!

Do Redbubble Stickers Stick Very Well?

Redbubble stickers are known to stick very well.

I’ve also read online that some people put them on their cars and they claim they still look great months and years later, with minimal fading and no peeling. (I recently tested this out myself).

Love the stickers. They’re up on my car…[they’re] easy to apply and durable. Recommended!

Nancy B. on May 18, 2021 [RES]

Plus, you might have heard that Redbubble stickers are reusable. And, from personal experience, this is totally true!..

… most of the time.

Some people reported that they couldn’t take the stickers off to re-stick them on another surface. This greatly depended on the type of surface they put them on.

For example, if you stick them on a rubberized laptop case or a hydro flask (Amazon), they’ll easily peel off and you’ll be able to re-stick them to another surface. But if you stick them on something like paper or an unpainted wood surface, they will really be stuck on there and harder to peel off.

The style is beautiful. The quality is perfect. It’s easy to remove from certain surfaces.

Katja V. on Feb 23, 2021 [RES]

i love my stickers!! i put them on my computer case! they make it more personalized. i had to move my squirrel sticker after i placed it wrong and it’s still sticking to this day!! i recommend buying stickers from red bubble!!

Brianna on Sep 9, 2021 [RES]

I’m a sticker collector and connoisseur…I love stickers….but hate when they fade, smear, don’t stick etc….Redbubble stickers are the best….durable, never run or smear, and most times can be removed and used again !!….and I love the choices = larger, smaller, matte or glossy etc… and such a variety of great artists… kudos all around ! I have no complaints about ANY of the stickers I’ve ordered, and I’ve ordered over 100 stickers !

Matthew W. on Feb 19, 2021 [RES]

Are Redbubble Laptop Stickers/Skins Good Quality?

Redbubble also sells vinyl Laptop Skins, which have the same material and print quality as their other regular stickers.

Click this link to see the laptop skins TRENDING RIGHT NOW on Redbubble!

These stickers are glossy, form-fitting decals that make your laptop truly unique and help protect it against scratches (which is super nice).

They’re easy to peel off on one piece and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

Its excellent quality and overall easy application! It came right on time and wasn’t made from cheap materials. I absolutely love it! Thank you for such good service and quality products!

Hannah K. on Jan 1, 2020 [RES]

Redbubble Stickers vs Price (Why Are They So Expensive?)

Honestly, Redbubble stickers are super well made, very nice looking, and stick very well for the price.

I know these stickers might seem expensive, but you’re paying for durability and amazing print quality. Plus, you’re also supporting independent artists while getting unique stickers that express who you are.

In my opinion, and the opinion of many Redbubble customers, the stickers are worth every penny.

I love everything I’ve gotten from this site. They all look and stick great, and the quality is unparalleled for the price. It’s especially satisfying because my designs look and hold up great on both my laptop and car. 10/10, definitely would order again.

Sam M. on Mar 25, 2021 [RES]

Plus, there are ways to save money when buying stickers. Here are discounts you might enjoy…

Get 25% OFF when you buy 4 to 9 small stickers from Redbubble, or buy 10 or more (size small) to get 50% OFF.

Another GREAT way to save money is to buy one of the 15,967 sticker packs! These are perfect for gifts too!

bought 12… I’ve been happy with all the stickers I’ve ever purchased from redbubble. great quality, great prices, fast delivery.

tim p. on Nov 30, 2021 [RES]

I’ve always been very satisfied with my purchases from redbubble! Cute stuff and great quality for good prices

Kim W. on Mar 8, 2021 [RES]

Overview: Are Redbubble Stickers Good Quality?

So, is Redbubble a great online marketplace to buy stickers from? Definitely!

My friends and I have ordered so many stickers from Redbubble for 14 years!

Redbubble stickers = High-quality, durable, reusable, water-resistant, and super unique!

What’s not to love?

And, what’s my overall impression of Redbubble’s customer service?

After reading 438 customer reviews about Redbubble stickers, I believe that Redbubble makes EVERY effort to make customers really happy.

This is especially evident when customers leave complaints online on sites such as Trustpilot. Redbubble politely reaches out to these customers and offers to fix the problem ASAP.

Loved all of my stickers! They came out perfect and when I had trouble with shipping red bubble responded fast and got the problem taken care of! 10/10

Jordan H. on Aug 14, 2020 [RES]

Finally I found the place where you can find nearly every sticker. Easy to order, fast shipment and great quality. Excellent!

Thomas on Mar 9, 2020 [RES]

So go ahead and find Redbubble stickers that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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Redbubble Stickers: Resources & Reviews

These reviews were taken from Redbubble’s customer review section. To view more of these reviews, click on any sticker on Redbubble and then click on the “Read all reviews” button on the product page.