Are Redbubble Stickers Vegan? (If You’re Vegan or Vegetarian, & You Want Stickers Sold by Independent Artists, Read This!)

What Material Does Redbubble Use for Stickers?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for vegan stickers then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Redbubble stickers (including matte, transparent, and glossy) are not vegan.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise because most stickers on the market aren’t vegan.

What Are Most Stickers Made Of?

High-quality stickers, like Redbubble’s stickers, are typically made with vinyl.

Is Vinyl Vegan?

Vinyl stickers are made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a type of plastic that contains chlorine. Because of this, some vegans avoid using products made with PVC.

However, not all vegans have the same opinion on PVC. Some argue that because vinyl stickers don’t contain any animal products, they can be considered vegan. Others say that because the production of PVC involves harmful chemicals, it’s not truly vegan.

So, what’s the verdict? Are vinyl stickers vegan? It depends on who you ask.

And even if you’re fine with PVC, you also have to think of the adhesive…

Is the Adhesive Vegan?

Most stickers sold today are applied with adhesives that are not vegan-friendly. They often contain animal products like collagen, keratin, casein, or gelatin.

However, there are vegan adhesives available that do not contain any animal byproducts. These adhesives are typically plant-based and often derived from cornstarch or potatoes. They perform just as well as traditional adhesives and are often used in place of them for environmental or ethical reasons.

So, whether or not a sticker is vegan depends on the specific sticker manufacturer and the adhesive they use.

But vegan stickers do exist, out there! They’re just harder to find.

Redbubble’s Stance on Veganism

Redbubble does not have an official stance on veganism, but the company is committed to being environmentally friendly and sustainable. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if many of their products are vegetarian or vegan.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if Redbubble eventually sold vegan stickers, in the future.

Vegan stickers might cost more than their regular stickers, but I think having this vegan option would possibly become one of their most popular products. I’m especially convinced of this since vegan stickers are so hard to find, especially with such great designs created from independent artists!

Overview: What Material Does Redbubble Use for Stickers?

Redbubble uses a variety of different materials in their products, including vinyl, which is made from PVC. This type of plastic is not considered vegan by some people because it is made from petroleum products.

In addition, like most other sticker companies, Redbubble also uses adhesives that contain animal-based ingredients.