Where to Put Redbubble Stickers

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Where to Put Redbubble Stickers

If you’re wondering what to do with Redbubble stickers, this list will give you some great ideas!

Of course, the places you can put Redbubble stickers are endless. This post just lists the MOST POPULAR places where people put their stickers in 2020.

My family loves Redbubble stickers!!

Whether it’s one of our cars, our fridge, our water bottles, or our laptops, Redbubble stickers help my family to better organize our lives while adding flare to our material possessions. It makes it easy to find your car in a parking lot. Or to tell whose water bottle is whose. Redbubble stickers allow us to personalize our spaces and things, while supporting independent artists. And we think that is a beautiful thing.

Katie F. on Apr 23, 2019 [Res]

31 Best Places to Put Your Redbubble Stickers

1. Water bottles / hydro flasks (Amazon)

Great stickers!

Durable and long lasting stickers! My 12 y/o daughter put them on her water bottle which gets ALOT of use and is washed frequently, and the stickers are holding up great! Still look brand new!

Jennifer K. on Jun 5, 2019 [Res]

2. Laptops (Redbubble also sells laptop skins)

Honestly for their price those stickers are super well made, very nice and stick well even once you take it off and put it back on again! My laptop looks incredible now!!

Samantha O. on Aug 4, 2019 [Res]

3. Tablets

4. Travel mugs

5. Phone cases

6. Reusable sticker books (Amazon)

7. Skateboards

8. Cars

9. Lunchboxes

10. Guitar cases

11. Binders / notebooks

Fun Stickers!

My daughter received her stickers in a timely manner and had lots of fun putting them on her notebook. She’s also gotten many positive comments from her school friends on how great they look! Thanks!

Karen E. on Nov 8, 2019 [Res]

12. Bicycles

Other Cool Places

13. Windows

14. Mirrors

15. Picture Frames

16. Desks

17. Coffee tables

18. Shelves/bookshelves

19. Walls

20. Totes / boxes

21. Computer towers

About the size I expected and is really good quality. I put it on my class graphic design computer!

Brooke V. on Nov 3, 2019 [Res]

22. Remote Controls

23. Video consoles

24. Stereos / speakers5

25. Diaries

26. Wheelchairs

27. Bicycles

28. Helmets

29. Snowboards

30. Fridges

31. Lamps

We were able to find ALL the stickers we were looking for AND they came exactly when they said they would. I am not going to waste my time looking for stickers anywhere other than this site in the future.

Michelle on Jul 23, 2019 [Res]

Tips: Taking Care of Your Redbubble Stickers

  1. All Redbubble stickers, whether they are the original matte stickers, or their NEW transparent or glossy stickers, are made of a high-quality, durable, water-resistant vinyl. But remember to only put them on a clean, dry, and smooth surface if you want to remove and reuse them!
  2. If you remove a sticker and you want to use it later on, you can stick it to a piece of parchment paper (Amazon) or put it in a reusable sticker book (Amazon).
  3. Redbubble stickers are water-resistant, but if you stick them on dishes or water bottles, it’s best to hand-wash them for maximum longevity.
  4. Redbubble says to avoid harsh weather conditions (direct sunlight, rain, snow, etc.) to extend the life of your stickers. However, plenty of people (including me) put their stickers on their cars.
  5. One thing I like to do with some of my stickers is to put them on magnet sheets (Amazon). Then, I cut around the edges of the stickers and stick them on my fridge or anything else that’s made of metal.

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All the stickers I have purchased from Redbubble are wonderful! I’ve bought some as gifts and mostly for me :D They’re phenomenal quality and don’t leave a nasty, sticky mess if you need to remove them. Definitely 5 stars!

Patricia R. on Oct 26, 2019 [Res]

So go ahead and find Redbubble stickers that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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